Today Twitch unleashes a PlayStation multiplayer tournament unlike any other: the Pringles Battle Couch.

100 PS4 players – gamers and influencers from six different countries – will battle it out on our 70m-long 100-seater sofa. Competitors will have to showcase their best multi-game skills as they go head to head across two PS4 titles to decide who’ll be crowned champion.

And you’ll have a front row seat to this one of a kind competition. Head over to Twitch from 6.00pm GMT/7.00pm CET to watch the action unfold live. Over the course of the event, you’ll see the contestants showcase their tactical prowess in Rainbow 6 Siege and duke it out in the ring in Tekken 7.

Only those who can adapt to the different challenges will get to stay on the sofa for the last leg of the tournament. The opening qualifiers will half the field then half it again; the remaining players will then face off against each other across five consecutive rounds.

So consider this your invite for this one-of-a-kind event. Come join other PlayStation gamers from across Europe to watch the livestream from 6.00pm GMT/7.00pm CET right here.

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