For a long time, we’ve been pitching Rico (at publishers, at press, and now at you the gaming audience) with just four words: Kick doors. Shoot men. The entire distillation of a two-year project, and several thousand work-hours, into four words:

Kick doors. Shoot men.

Thanks for reading.

Oh, it seems that four words is apparently not long enough for a PlayStation blog entry, so I should probably also say that Rico is an action-movie inspired first-person shooter. You play as a member (or members, as there is both split-screen and online co-op) of an elite taskforce of law enforcers in the City of San Amaro, and it is your job to bring down the city’s organised criminal gangs in the only way you know how.

Blast through randomly-generated cases in the campaign

Case Mode is our main campaign mode. Going in either as a lone wolf, or teaming up with your loose-cannon partner, you have 24 hours to bring to justice the head of a criminal syndicate through a series of linked operations.

You start off with just your trusty side-arm, but as you progress, you will earn merit points that you can use to upgrade your arsenal to keep pace with the bigger and badder criminal goons that you will face along the way.

Every case and operation is randomly generated, ensuring a different experience every time you play. And there’s no take-backs, and no do-overs. If you get brought down, it’s back to the start with a new case to face.

Try out Daily Challenges for bragging rights and rewards

If you are keen to jump straight into an operation, or super-competitive, or both. You can play one of our Daily Play challenges. Updated every day, a set of levels of each difficulty is generated, with a fixed loadout, and every player gets to compete against the clock and against one another to complete the level in the shortest possible time.


The best player gets bragging rights, and for every Daily Play challenge you complete you earn Reputation Points that can be used to unlock custom weapon skins.

Online and split-screen co-op

I mentioned before, but it bears repeating that the whole game has been built with co-op firmly in mind the whole time, either split-screen or online two player is supported in all the game’s modes, with separate leaderboards for two-player Daily challenges.


We really love the excitement around split-screen play that we’ve heard from players. Some of my fondest gaming memories have been sat on the couch with a friend, firing up the latest split-screen shooter, expertly coordinating our next moves together… and then completely failing to accomplish those plans. But still having a wonderful, stupid time together.

In summary

Kick doors. Shoot men.

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