Hello fellow survivors! Left Alive has just released, and we’re very excited to hear how everyone is playing through the game. You may be thinking: “What do you mean by how everyone is playing through the game?”

Well in Left Alive, the goal is to survive, and players will need to challenge themselves to overcome some overwhelming odds. There are multiple methods and ways to play, and players must evaluate the situation, strategise and learn the ropes to determine what method may be best how to make it out alive.

Again, how you play and how you survive through the game is up to you, but here are some tips from us you may find useful!

1. Difficulty levels

For your first play through, we recommended playing in “Light”. If you feel it’s too easy at any point, you will be able to adjust the difficulty settings throughout the game.

2. Approach

In many cases, the objective will be to “reach the designated destination.” As the means for combat can be extremely limited (especially early on in the game), where possible proceeding while avoiding enemy encounters may be the best method. In the cases where you might feel it’s impossible to proceed without being found by enemies, or if you are suddenly discovered by enemies, the key will be to prepare and secure resources beforehand, and evaluate when to use them.

3. Options

Often, the path and method to overcome certain situations will be left to the player’s discretion. While some situations may seem very difficult, you will come across many instances where the solution may surprise you; even including methods that don’t require fighting. If you ever feel as though you’re in a pinch, we recommend taking a minute to assess your surroundings and environment to find another method of survival.

4. New Game+

You will receive approximately 10 points for each chapter you have completed before starting  New Game+. The first time, you’ll have around 10 perks unlocked up front that you can choose from.

Each time you complete the story, you will be able to unlock additional skills and purchase them using points accumulated from playing the game in the New Game+ Shop, including:

  • Handgun Mastery – Increases Handgun Strength
  • Bulletproof – Reduces the amount of damage taken
  • Ninja – Harder for unengaged enemies to notice you
  • Homeostasis – Decrease chance of bleeding and reduce time to recover from immobility
  • Additional Armor – Increased defense when piloting a Wanzer
  • Vodka Bender – Drinking vodka will increase your damage output for a time
  • The more times you complete the game, the more points you will have to spend when you start over and more perks will be made available. For example, later playthroughs will have perks that make ammo appear more often.


5. Survivor missions:

The survivor missions vary on difficulty level as well. During the first play through it is recommended to only complete 1 or 2 to get a feel for them, as they may use up your limited resources when you are at your weakest.

As you continue to play the game through New Game+ and become stronger, you will be able to save more survivors and see additional endings. This will ultimately allow you to learn more about the world and political issues in the game.

That’s it from us! There are a variety of ways each mission can be completed, so be sure to discuss with other players on what may have worked best for them! Hopefully we successfully have helped you on your journey through Novo Slava and uncovering the truth about the invasion.

Left Alive is something brand new for Square Enix and we’re thrilled to see how fans will embrace the challenge of surviving the deadly war, so let us know the comments below!

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